Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sioux Falls Historic Sites

Pretty creative title, eh? As that title suggests, this blog is all about the many historical sites in the marvelous municipality known as Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Scattered here & there throughout the city are spiffy little bronze historical markers that have been placed by one historical society or another, marking the location of some significant event or landmark of the city's history.

Recently, I was curious as to whether there might exist a central listing of all of the markers in the area, and went looking online for it. Surprisingly there is nothing of the sort to be found. I even contacted the webmaster for the South Dakota State Historical Society, who forwarded my message to the Research Room Administrator for SDSHS, and was told that there was none.

Being the kind of guy that doesn't like to leave needs unfilled, I thought I'd take a shot at putting together a site that includes photos of the historical markers, the transcribed text on those markers, photos of the landmarks (if they still exist) and whatever I can recall or dig up concerning those sites. Today is April 11, 2006, and I took the first photos last night, just getting started. Please don't consider this blog a complete listing of the markers; there are hundreds of these markers, I am doing this in my already sparse spare time, so as I see it this will always be a work in progress.

I've been a resident of Sioux Falls for pretty much my whole life, as were my parents and one set of my grandparents, and over the years have learned a fair bit of the history of the city. If you're reading something on this site and you think it's incorrect or if you have something to add, please post a response. All it takes is a Blogspot account, and signing up with Blogspot is about as easy as it gets.

So, here goes nothin!


Blogger ronald said...

We love your site. Since we fund many of the markers you feature, we have a vested interest in seeing your site prosper. To that end, we have included your site on our links page on our new web site.


Ron Robinson, Treasurer and Vice President of Minnehaha Century Fund

6:48 PM  

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